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In House Financing | DFW Auto Finance and Sales

Life can be unpredictable; we’ve all experienced that at times. Things just don’t go according to plan, and despite your best efforts, the results just...

Used Car Sales | DFW Auto Finance and Sales

Some of the best cars available in the market have been previously owned: solid models that still run just as smoothly when they were first...

Mechanic Services | DFW Auto Finance and Sales

Even the best of cars break down at times. It may just be a little noise that starts up suddenly, or the air conditioning goes out. Sometimes...

The mechanics at DFW Auto Finance and Sales will make sure your new car is in the best shape possible.

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There’s nothing like a new car to make you feel like a king or queen of the road. Gripping an unfamiliar steering wheel, listening to the engine purr or roar, and coasting down roads: every sensation is invigorating to experience. Car dealerships, however, charge a high price for those feelings, and even with financing, buying a brand new car can put a dent in your wallet that sucks the fun out of driving. Used cars, on the other hand, are a great way to get into a new car without paying the expensive price tag.

Used cars sell for much cheaper than brand new models, but are often in just as good of condition. For Fort Worth, TX, there are no better used cars available than the ones at DFW Auto Finance and Sales. You can find all the best models, brands, and years for a fraction of the cost when you come to us. Instead of charging you through the roof, we work to find the right car for you at a great price, and guarantee the satisfaction of your purchase.

Need a new vehicle but don’t have the credit for it? Not to worry: we offer in house financing that will get you approved for a new vehicle in no time. Having engine trouble? Our mechanics can get your car back to pristine condition.

Looking for a specific type of car? We’ll help you find the exact model and year you want. When you shop at DFW Auto Finance and Sales, our first priority is helping you find what you’re looking for in a car. Not only that, but we back what we sell, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

DFW Auto Finance and Sales: we say yes!!! Service contracts and financing are available, so come to us today to find the perfect car for you. You can also call us at the listed number for more information on our lot and offered services.